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NEWS Last modified on August 1, 2016

ADM's president and CEO, James Cherry, to retire at end of year

Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) president and CEO, James Cherry, has announced that he is to retire at the end of the year.

Cherry told Airport World that he felt that the time was right for him to hand over the reins to someone else after 15 years in the hot-seat.

“The last 15 years have been an unbelievable experience for me and I cannot tell you how much I’ve enjoyed it, but I just feel that it is the right time to move on,” he says.

“Yes, there have been some tough times. We had 9/11, SARS, Air Canada’s filing for bankruptcy protection, the second Gulf War and the recession of 2007/08, so it hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses, but I can honestly tell you that I’ve never had a better professional experience in my life.

“I’ve been blessed with great people to work with at ADM and had the pleasure of working with ACI World and ACI North America, which again has been a real pleasure and a lifetime highlight for so many reasons, none more so than the because of the camaraderie with some fantastic people.
“However, I’ve always felt that it is important to know when it is time to go, and I think that after delivering a bunch of projects that have helped transform Montréal-Trudeau, and with ADM hosting the ACI World/ACI NA conference this year, that the time is right to turn the page and let someone else lead the organisation on the next chapter of its journey.”

ADM’s chair of the board, Normand Legault, says that the company will now start the process of looking for a successor with the aim of filling the position early in the fiscal year. 

An executive search firm will support the Board in this initiative, he notes.

He was also quick to acknowledge Cherry’s “major contribution” to ADM’s success over for the past 15 years. 

“Because of his vision and sound management, ADM has experienced continuous growth: its passenger traffic has doubled, its air services, particularly the international sector, have been greatly enhanced and its infrastructures expanded and modernised, and all of this accompanied by solid financial results,” enthused Legault.
Cherry adds: “At the end of the day all you really want to do in life is leave the place better than you found it, and I believe that I’ve done that so it is time to leave.”

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