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NEWS Last modified on August 9, 2016

New air navigation service provider for Argentina

Empresa Argentina de Navegación Aérea S.E. (EANA) has taken over responsibility for managing air traffic control services in Argentina.

A subsidiary of the Ministry of Transport, EANA, plans to invest $121 million on new infrastructure and technology.

The scope of its services includes the various air traffic management (ATM); aeronautical information services (AIS); aeronautical communications (COM) and, in the future, search and rescue (SAR).

“We are very excited to take this definitive step as part of EANA’s development by fully taking over air navigation services," says EANA's general manager, Agustín Rodríguez Grellet.

"We are firmly committed to service quality and we shall make our contribution to the overall efficiency of the air transport system. That includes our own efficiency and that of our customers."
For his part, Argentina's Minister of Transport. Guillermo Dietrich, stressed the federal government’s commitment to doubling air traffic in order to provide increased connectivity.

"EANA is a key component of this transformation," he says. "The air navigation system must achieve efficiency gains in order people can fly more safely and dependably, with reduced flight delays and cancellations.

"This should allow the airlines to fly more efficiently and, at the same time, encourage new entrants to land here.”

The Board of EANA also includes Alberto Guevara as corporate affairs manager and Rubén Lanceta as head of the advisory board.

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