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NEWS Last modified on August 11, 2016

Fancy taking a virtual reality tour of Munich Airport?

New state-of-the-art 360° imaging technology has now made it possible to tour Munich Airport from the comfort of your sofa!

Munich is the first airport in the world to offer this innovative service.

A crew with a high-tech mobile camera spent months covering every area, both before and after security, recording digitised images of the approximately 300,000 square metres in the Munich Airport Center (MAC), the two terminals and the new Terminal 2 satellite facility.

The results can now be accessed online at https://navigation.munich-airport.de/

The virtual tour of the airport's interior will be launched immediately on the user's PC, tablet or smartphone.

The application offers plenty of useful functionality: more than 1,000 points of interest are embedded in the maps, from shops, bars and restaurants to services and departure gates.

Well over one million panoramic photos were processed to produce the digital map material.

The technology for the digital airport tour was provided by the Munich company NavVis GmbH. The digital agency Baro & Pfannenstein developed the control concept and user interface.

To embark on the digital tour, users simply click on the area they wish to visit in the opening map.

Next they select their desired direction for a realistic stroll through the airport. Holding the left mouse button permits rotation to the left or right or up and down.

According to the gateway, it is a perfect way for a passenger planning their first flight to or from Munich to become familiar with the airport before leaving home.

The new resource makes it possible to take a virtual tour of every terminal building.

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