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NEWS Last modified on August 16, 2016

New runway at Gatwick has the support of London councillors – new poll

Gatwick Airport claims that a new YouGov poll shows that 63% of London's councillors support its expansion compared to 44% for Heathrow.

The airport, which is quick to point out that its expansion plans require no tax payer funding, like its rival Heathrow insists that a deliverable new runway for London is more important than ever for the UK economy since the Brexit vote.

Stewart Wingate, Gatwick CEO, said: “London has united behind Gatwick expansion as the only scheme that gives us guaranteed growth while limiting the impact on the environment.

“Crucially Gatwick expansion is the only plan that can actually be delivered and - unlike Heathrow – it does not need £5 billion of taxpayer funding.
"This money could otherwise be put towards vital infrastructure projects such as Crossrail 2, Thames river crossings and new homes.

“The UK cannot afford decades more of Heathrow delay - let’s get on and build a new runway at Gatwick.”

The airport already counts new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, as one of its supporters.
sadiq khan
Gatwick adds that it also scored best on six out of seven key indicators YouGov monitored. 

The indicators were:

– Negative impact on quality of life for local residents - Gatwick 54% vs 21%
– Built at lowest cost to taxpayers – Gatwick 44% vs 25%
– Encouraging vigorous competition - Gatwick 44% vs 25%
– How quickly a new runway could be delivered - Gatwick 45% vs 27%
– Certainty the new runway can be delivered - Gatwick 41% vs 30%
– Regeneration benefits to local area - Gatwick 37% vs 34%
– Economic benefits to UK – Gatwick 27% vs 49%

Only yesterday Heathrow claimed that the majority of local residents in 12 constituencies around the gateway supported its expansion plans.

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