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NEWS Last modified on August 18, 2016

LAX's CONRAC facility to significantly reduce road congestion

The world’s largest Consolidated Rent-A-Car (CONRAC) facility set to be built on a 136-acre site at Los Angeles International Airport will immediately remove around 18% of the road traffic from the central terminal area, according to deputy executive director of Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), Cynthia Guidry.

The complex is a key project of LAWA’s $5.5 billion Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP) and will replace more than 20 separate car rental facilities today, which Guidry admits is confusing for customers and one of the biggest sources of complaints about LAX.

It will be connected directly to the terminals by a new 2.5 mile Automated People Mover (APM) system and complemented by new roadways and a variety of different intermodal transfer facilities in and around the airport that between them are projected to remove between 30% and 35% of traffic from the central terminal area.  

Referring to LAMP, Guidry says: “We want to do something that not only improves the way our airport flows but also makes life easier for passengers as we recognise that the guest experience often starts way before setting foot on the airport.

“It should ensure that when people get to any one of our facilities, whether this is the consolidated rental car complex or a drop-off location a mile away, they will feel like they have arrived at a wonderful airport.”

The world’s seventh busiest airport based on the 74.9 million passengers to pass through its facilities in 2015 is aiming to complete LAMP by 2023, and it may need it if Los Angeles is successful in its bid to host the 2024 Olympics.

Road congestion is one of the biggest challenges faced by LAX today, admits Guidry, who says that during busy peak periods it was not uncommon to encounter gridlock a mile or two away from the airport.

Guidry was speaking at the recent SMART Airports & Regions Conference and Exhibition in Richmond, British Columbia, where she also told delegates about more about LAX’s ongoing $8.5 billion Capital Improvement Program being carried out in partnership with the airlines.

It includes plans for a new $1 billion, 12-gate Midfield Satellite Concourse-North to the west of the LAX’s “Jewel in the Crown” Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) by 2020; Southwest’s $500 million modernisation of Terminal 1; Delta’s $300 million revamp of Terminal 5; and American Airlines’ upgrade of Terminal 4.

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