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NEWS Last modified on August 26, 2016

Copenhagen Airport planning to enhance the capacity of its baggage handling system

Copenhagen Airport is looking to upgrade its baggage handling system by extending two conveyors in a project that will also create an extra 500sqm of space for passengers.

It claims that planning for the project must start now if the facilities are to be ready by its self-imposed deadline of 2018.

The airport currently handles between 30,000 to 35,000 inbound bags daily, and with the expected growth in the number of new routes and destinations over the next few years, it insists that additional capacity is required in order to keep up with demand.

The solution, it says, is equipping the baggage reclaim facilities with longer baggage conveyors and creating more space for passengers.

"In recent years, we have seen quite significant growth in passenger numbers; in the first seven months of this year alone, the growth rate was in fact 10.7%," says Copenhagen Airport's COO, Kristian Durhuus.

"Although far more passengers today travel only with carry-on baggage, the overall volume of checked baggage has also grown somewhat. We have therefore started planning for an expansion of the baggage reclaim area.

The plan is to extend two of the eight baggage conveyors and concurrently create more space for passengers.

According to the gateway, this requires "significant modifications" and as a result it has decided to put the contract for consulting services for the project out to EU tender.
"It is a very complex job to build at the very heart of a busy airport without affecting passengers and operations. It requires tight planning and plenty of time," adds Durhuus.

"We therefore expect that the planned expansion will be ready for use in a couple of years. Right now, the target is the summer of 2018, but we will know more about that when the project is ready for start-up."

The airports claims that it is unable to put a price tag on the project yet, although it reveals it will involve more than DKK 100 million in investments.

"The project is being developed in a close collaboration with the airlines and the handling companies which handle both inbound and outbound baggage," notes Kristian Durhuus.


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