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NEWS Last modified on August 26, 2016

Vilnius Airport's runway reconstruction project to go ahead in 2017

Vilnius Airport has confirmed that its runway reconstruction project will cost around €25 million and go-ahead in the summer of 2017 as planned.

It insists that the estimated price of the job will not increase because of €1 million of work set to be carried out shortly in stage 1 of the project and the fact that the tender process for stage 2 is underway.

According to Artūras Stankevičius, director of Vilnius Airport, a clearly set price will prevent any manipulations that may arise with respect to project implementation costs.

“We thoroughly analysed the prices of technical solutions, the market situation concerning similar work and the price paid for reconstruction by other airports, thus, we are sure about the price," he says.

"It will enable a further effective organisation of procurement procedures with a focus on quality parameters.
Vilnius runway
"And, most importantly, it will facilitate the accomplishment of the work in a timely and quality manner."

Stage 1 reconstruction work will begin in a few weeks. Elektros darbai and Fegda will carry out the contract work of reconstructing the runway signal lighting system and primary circuits.

They are expected to complete the work in nine months.

The principal reconstruction work will take place next year, between July 14 and 11.59pm on August 17, to ensure that the runway will fully operational on August 18.

Flights will not be operated for the period of the reconstruction project.

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