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NEWS Last modified on September 2, 2016

Oslo Airport doubles the size of its Arrivals duty free offering

Oslo Airport's new duty free store. Picture courtesy of Avinor. Oslo Airport's new duty free store. Picture courtesy of Avinor.

Oslo Airport, already one of the world's leading gateways for Arrivals duty free sales, has doubled the size of its offering with the opening of a new shop.

The new 4,000sqm outlet, operated by Travel Retail Norway (TRN), has added 700 new items for sale and a selection of high quality Norwegian merchandise.

The airport claims that its addition will provide more room for customers, shorten queues and has created space for a wider selection of items.

“This will be a unique shopping experience in brighter, nicer and more spacious surroundings," says TRN Director, Håkon Fjeld-Hansen.
"I hope the customers will feel at ease here. The increase in size also means that we can expand our selection of items, with 700 new products of the classic duty-free varieties."

The new duty-free shop is designed with a sleek and modern look, while still matching the style of the rest of the airport architecture. Wide aisles make it easy for customers to browse the different categories of merchandise.

“This is a new type of duty-free for the European market," adds Fjeld-Hansen.

"We now have a wide selection of merchandise and employees with thorough knowledge of their field. This shop will make you forget your urge to get home as quickly as possible. I can guarantee a great shopping experience." 
According to airport operator, Avinor, TRN is committed to increasing the focus on local and ecological products, while also offering a wider selection of wines. 

Beauty products will also see an increase in selection in the new shop. The revamped cash register area will now have 43 registers instead of 28.

TRN’s duty-free sales comprise a large part of the financial basis for Norwegian airports, run by Avinor. Today, revenue for TRN is at NOK5 billion a year and with the expansion at Oslo Airport, a 3% to 7% growth in sales is expected.

“The new shop on arrival is a large and ambitious project from TRN, and it will be an important contribution to the commercial development of the new Oslo Airport," notes Avinor's executive vice president of communications and marketing, Egil Thompson.
"However, when designing the shop we have also taken into account that not all passengers want to shop. Wide passageways will make it easy to walk straight through the shopping areas for those who wish to do that."

In total, TRN will be investing between NOK250 and 300 million in duty-free sales at Oslo Airport through the airport expansion.

The new duty-free shop in the Departure Hall will be ready by April of next year, when the brand new Oslo Aiport is opening for traffic. 

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