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NEWS Last modified on September 7, 2016

Jordan celebrates completion of airport expansion project

Amman's Queen Alia International Airport is celebrating the completion of the second phase development of its new terminal.

The $214 million expansion project has added 43,513 square-metres to the terminal that has allowed the airport to double its number of gates and effectively raise its capacity to 12 million passengers per annum.

The new capacity, up from 9mppa, will be increased to 16 million in the next expansion phase, which will be triggered by demand.

The new-look terminal now boasts a total of 25 gates, including eight remote stands and 17 contact gates.
The additional nine contact gates are operated from two Fixed Link Bridges, as well as four new Super Fixed Link Bridges, two of which can accommodate the world’s largest airplane, the Airbus A380.

Other new additions include two new business lounges, two new Duty-Free areas and four new prayer rooms. The airport notes that it has also installed
additional telephone/laptop charging stations and an upgraded Wi-Fi system.

And in a bid to ensure that QAIA’s short transit processes and walking distances are maintained despite its increased area, 10 new travellators, 24 escalators and 18 lifts have also been installed in the expansion.  
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AIG chairman, Faras Al Ramahi, said: “Witnessing the tremendous progress that QAIA has made since the New Terminal’s opening just three years ago has been truly rewarding.

"As we begin another chapter in the airport’s successful journey, which has been fostered by its leading world-renowned public-private partnership with the Government of Jordan, we look forward to continuing to deliver top-notch services to citizens and visitors alike.

"The much-anticipated completion of QAIA’s second expansion phase is an extraordinary milestone, which was made possible thanks to the dedication, hard work and passion of our employees at Airport International Group and QAIA, as well as the unwavering support of the Government of Jordan, our shareholders and our partners.”

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