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NEWS Last modified on September 15, 2016

San Diego breaks ground on new Terminal 2 Parking Plaza

San Diego International Airport has broken ground on the site that will host its new Terminal 2 Parking Plaza.

The cutting-edge Parking Plaza will be located in front of Terminal 2 and will have three floors with approximately 3,000 parking stalls.

It will replace the existing surface parking lot for Terminal 2.

Speaking at yesterday's ground breaking cermony, Thella F. Bowens, president and CEO, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, enthused: “San Diego International Airport travellers spoke and we listened.
"There is great demand for more close-in parking at the airport. Kicking off the Parking Plaza construction today is an important milestone to help improve the short-term parking customer experience.”

Because of the small airport footprint (661 acres), in order to add sufficient close-in parking it necessitates building up, rather than out.

According to the gateway, the Parking Plaza will enhance customer service by integrating state-of-the-art parking technology that will allow motorists to reserve spaces in advance, find available parking spaces, and streamline payment.

The Parking Plaza is also expected to have environmental benefits by reducing air emissions caused by vehicles that are circulating and idling while searching for an available parking space.

Additionally, it will have an aesthetically pleasing design with open light wells, glass-front elevators and public art.

Parking Plaza construction will take approximately 20 months to complete and will be open for summer travel in 2018.

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