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NEWS Last modified on September 21, 2016

Whisky promotion at Singapore Changi proves popular with passengers

Lovers of single malt Scotch whisky enjoyed an extra special treat at Singapore Changi this July and August courtesy of the exclusive worldwide launch of Craigellachie Speyside at The Fountain and Whisky House bars in Terminal 2.

The promotion, organised by DFS in partnership with Bacardi Global Travel Retail, included the presence of dedicated ‘brand ambassadors’ on hand to guide travellers through "an experiential introduction" to Craigellachie. 

Showcasing the traditional distilling technique of Craigellachie and its iconic copper piped ‘worm tubs’, brand ambassadors recreated the distilling experience within the heart of Changi Airport.

Indeed, travellers watched as brand ambassadors poured the Craigellachie dram in through the top of the copper piping while explaining how it replicates the condensation process at the distillery. 
Meanwhile the liquid journeyed through the ‘worm tub’ before being poured through a brass tap into a sampling glass and presented to the customer. 

Malted grain brought from the Craigellachie distillery was also a key feature of the experience, providing customers with a close-up, sensory interaction with the grain itself, according to Bacardi Travel Retail.

Vinay Golikeri, Bacardi Travel Retail’s regional director of Asia-Pacific, noted: “The commitment from DFS in partnering with brands to accelerate the growth potential in the whisky category is personified through innovations in retail excellence such as The Fountain Bar and The Whiskey House – truly stunning environments in which to showcase the launch of Craigellachie. 

“As the latest DFS opening, The Whiskey House stands out as a perfect example of how retailers and brands can excel in shopper engagement, especially with those shoppers at the second stage of luxury, to unlock the $40 million incremental opportunity in GTR whisky.”
Brooke Supernaw DFS Group’s senior vice president for spirits, wine, tobacco, food and gifts, said: “We’re proud to have partnered with Bacardi Global Travel Retail to celebrate the exciting launch of Craigellachie Speyside single malt whisky at DFS, Singapore Changi Airport. 

“This engaging and sensory experience was tailored exclusively for our whisky customers and offers the excitement of new discoveries.”

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