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NEWS Last modified on September 30, 2016

LAX opens new T4 Connector building as part of $14 billion revamp

Travelling through Los Angeles International Airport has become a little easier for millions of passengers this morning following the opening its brand-new, $148-million “connector” building at the airport.

The Terminal 4 Connector is a new piece of the LAX Central Terminal Area that connects the airport’s south side terminals — Terminals 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 — with the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT). 

Mayor, Eric Garcetti, yesterday joined Council member Bob Blumenfield and Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) officials to announce the opening of the facility.

According to LAWA, The Terminal 4 Connector saves valuable time by giving travellers a direct, post-security route between terminals.

Previously, passengers needed to exit one terminal and re-enter another through federal security screening to catch their connecting flights.

“LAX is one of the driving forces of our economy, supporting more than 600,000 jobs – that’s why we’re investing $14 billion right now to make it one of the world’s premier airports,” said Mayor Garcetti.
LAX take off
“The Terminal 4 Connector will make international travel easier and more seamless for millions of passengers, and help us continue to expand our global reach.”

The new facility enables domestic passengers arriving at the south side terminals to catch international connecting flights at TBIT without going back through TSA security. 

It gives international passengers arriving at TBIT — who, by law, must rescreen their bags once they have cleared customs — an expedited security screening area that connects directly with the south side terminal concourses. 

TBIT and the south side terminals hosted a combined 52.3 million passengers last year — about 70% of all the passengers who passed through LAX. 

“The Terminal 4 Connector not only makes LAX more accommodating for travellers, it also displays our city’s dedication to building environmentally friendly infrastructure,” notes City Council member Bob Blumenfield, who chairs the Council’s Innovation, Grants, Technology, Commerce and Trade Committee. 

“It sets a powerful precedent for future projects to uphold the same green standards and increase energy conservation.”

Future plans include another connector between TBIT and Terminal 3, and walkways between Terminals 1, 2 and 3.

“Today, we are dramatically improving the guest experience at LAX, and this connector will serve an important role by helping travelers save time,” remarks LAWA CEO, Deborah Flint. 
“They will benefit from the freedom to move between terminals, where they can access more shopping and dining options, as well as other guest amenities.”

The Terminal 4 Connector is part of a broader $14-billion LAX modernisation that includes an airport rail system, a new rental car facility and capital renovations to eight out of the airport’s nine terminals.

In total, the modernisation programme is creating more than 120,000 local jobs, and adding more than $20 billion to the economy.

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