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NEWS Last modified on October 2, 2016

Gatwick claims strategic partnership can deliver new runway by 2025

Gatwick Airport today announced a strategic partnership with Bechtel to deliver a second runway by 2025 – should it get the green light to expand from the UK government.

For the past two years Bechtel has been working with Gatwick Airport on developing a robust delivery programme, execution plan and logistics strategy to support the on-time delivery of a second runway and midfield terminal.

As part of this planning work, Bechtel has confirmed that expansion at Gatwick Airport is low risk and benefits from minimal critical interfaces with existing infrastructure – making it deliverable by 2025, with a government decision this year to expand Gatwick.

The airport points out that Bechtel is one of the world’s most respected engineering, construction and project management companies and has delivered nearly 100 major airport projects over the last 50 years. 

The new partnership will see Bechtel project manage Gatwick’s second runway programme should the government give it the green light.
GAT low
Renowned architect Sir Terry Farrell has also been working on shaping Gatwick’s vision of a new runway and terminal facility for a number of years, and will work with Bechtel to bring the project to fruition. 

Farrell led the design team for Incheon Airport in South Korea, which is consistently voted the best airport in the world by passengers.

Gatwick Airport CEO, Stewart Wingate, says: “Bechtel is a global leader with a strong track record in delivering significant infrastructure projects and we look forward to working together to deliver the UK’s next runway.

“Gatwick expansion can happen quickly because it is simple and low risk with a dramatically lower environmental impact.

“A bigger Gatwick would generate the new long haul routes and the economic boost that Britain needs. It’s time for Gatwick to deliver the certainty and growth the UK needs.”

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Bechtel’s general manager for infrastructure – EAM, Amjad Bangash, comments: “We are delighted to be confirmed as Gatwick Airport’s partner for the second runway programme.

“We have provided Gatwick with robust plans for a second runway and are confident that this low risk project can be built to the highest quality, safely and sustainably – and that it can be operational by 2025.”

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