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NEWS Last modified on October 7, 2016

FAA awards grant to Guam's Antonio B Won Pat International Airport

The Federal Aviation Administration has awarded Guam International Airport $5.8 million in grants to fund five different projects.

Located on the remote Micronesian island of Guam in the Western Pacific, the gateway – officially known as Antonio B Won Pat International Airport β€“ says the funding will used to help pay for the construction of a new third floor corridor for arriving passengers to ensure their separation from departing travellers.

Other projects include funding for its annual wildlife hazard assessment programme; the design of a new training facility for its fire fighters; design work to rehabilitate apron and ramp areas and the establishment of a new Airport Safety Management System (SMS) manual for its entire airfield environment.

"We want to thank the FAA for their support in ensuring Guam's airport attains the highest of standards in operating a world class airport," says Charles Ada II, execitive manager of Guam International Airport Authority.

β€œThe FAA acknowledges the importance of Guam's in the Micronesian region, and the western most US airport in the Pacific."

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