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NEWS Last modified on October 10, 2016

Heathrow unveils new 'Garden Gate' green initiative

Feast your eyes on Heathrow’s new ‘Garden Gate’, a green wall comprising 1,680 plants that include the English native Ivy and Peace Lily by Gate 25 in Terminal 3.

Installed by urban greening specialists, Biotecture, following a six-month off-site trial, if it proves a success, the gateway claims that it will look at adding more such installations across its facilities in the future.

It believes that the Garden Gate provides “an eco-sanctuary” within Britain’s busiest airport and points to academic research that has found a correlation between calm, comfort and relaxation and exposure to plants.

Biotecture director, Richard Sabin, notes “The Garden Gate at Heathrow is the latest, and perhaps most iconic, living wall representing the advancement of eco-technologies in the UK. 

“The world’s major cities are increasingly investing in green infrastructure and the Garden Gate, both technically and ecologically, is cutting edge for its ease of installation, unique plant selection and LED lighting system. 

“As the nexus of transit and technology, transportation hubs are ideal locations for green infrastructure to become an investment in public health and wellbeing.”

While Emma Gilthorpe, strategy director at Heathrow says: “With our new Garden Gate, our passengers can enjoy a natural sanctuary of rest and relaxation as they make their way through the airport, with 1,680 plants ready to see them on their way.”

An average, 287,274 passengers pass through Gate 25 in Terminal 3 every year.


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