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NEWS Last modified on October 13, 2016

New North Pier at Oslo Airport handles its first flights

Oslo Airport's new North Pier handled its first flights today, Norwegian's DY375 from Tromsø being the first to use its C7 gate.

“We are proud and excited to open parts of the North Pier to the public and finally be able to show off the building,” enthuses director of T2 operations, Thorgeir Landevaag.

According to airport operator, Avinor, the North Pier will be in experimental operation until December, and will initially only handle a few domestic flights previously accommodated at the South Pier.

“Use of the facility will be gradually expanded," explained Landevaag. "We are planning to have the entire North Pier open for traffic in early December.” 

Once the North Pier is fully open for traffic in December, it will consist of eleven gates – nine of which can be used for both domestic and international traffic.

“We will keep all domestic traffic on the top floor of North Pier, whereas international traffic will be on the floor below," adds Landevaag.

"This means that a flight from Trondheim can park at the gate, let passengers off and accommodate new passengers who are flying on to an international destination."
Today's events follow the earlier openings of a new baggage hall for domestic arrivals and the new duty free international arrivals offering.

The area surrounding the train station has also been altered, says Avinor, noting that this means passengers will have several new areas to get acquainted with. 

"The airport will be nearly twice the size, and today's opening of North Pier means passengers need to pay attention to the signs and not just go by their auto pilot," muses Landevaag


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