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NEWS Last modified on October 19, 2016

Denver International Airport opens new 'fantastical' toy exhibition

Ever innovative Denver International Airport has unveiled its latest art exhibition – a huge collection of kid's toys provided by Colorado toymakers and collectors.

The collection, the latest offering from the airport's Art and Culture Program, spans decades and some "fantastical toys", according to the gateway.

'Colorado Toys; was designed to be a whimsical experience and is sure to surprise and delight kids of all ages. 
It is scheduled from October until December and is located in Ansbacher Hall in the Jeppesen Terminal, Level 6 North before A Bridge Security.

The exhibit’s display cases feature unique handcrafted toys and a touch of nostalgia with museum and privately collected vintage pieces. The exhibit also features childhood toy stories from select community leaders and celebrities in Denver and the Colorado region.
"Dolls, stuffed bears, games, miniatures, memorable characters and toys galore are sure to both captivate and gratify your memories and sense of play!", says the airport.

Participating toy makers and collectors:  BeginAgain Toys, Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys; Little Colorado; Michelle Lamb’s 'One and Only' Collectible Bears; Andrew Novick, Private Collector and Kimberly J. Wendt, Handmade Bears.

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