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NEWS Last modified on October 19, 2016

Schiphol Group CFO, Els de Groot, to leave in Spring 2017

Els de Groot is to leave her position as chief financial officer of the Schiphol Group in spring 2017 to seek a new challenge.

“It was my decision to leave Schiphol. It was a difficult one, because Schiphol is a terrific organisation where I've had great colleagues. But after five years, I'm ready for a new challenge," she says.

Jos Nijhuis, president and CEO of the Schiphol Group, spoke of his regrets over Els de Groot's impending departure.

“I would have like to have kept Els as a part of our management team and organisation for longer, but I respect her decision.

"Els has played a key role in making Schiphol a more future-focused and transparent organisation. She has a sharp eye and an exacting mind, and a calm and thoughtful management style.

"Thanks to her efforts, we have made strides in the areas of finance, asset and project management, procurement, ICT and risk management. I am sad to see such a wonderful colleague and skilled member of the Schiphol team go. I wish her all the best in her future endeavours”.

Chairwoman Louise Gunning-Schepers expressed her regrets, adding: “Her departure will be a great loss for Schiphol. The Supervisory Board will quickly begin the search for a new CFO”.

De Groot's decision to go in Spring 2017 coincides with the end of the company's 2016 financial year.

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