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NEWS Last modified on October 19, 2016

LAX and Westfield unveil concessions offering in revamped Terminal 6

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Westfield today unveiled the latest milestone in the gateway's modernisation programme, its new-look Terminal 6, which features a bold new design and 21 new retail and dining concepts.

Terminal 6 is the second redesigned terminal unveiled this year following the transformation of Terminal 2, which debuted in February.

More than 22,000 square feet has been transformed in Terminal 6, delivering what operator Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) believes is a unique traveller journey inspired by LA’s iconic Sunset Boulevard.


The redevelopment includes the new retail and dining collection and nearly 5,300 square feet of improvements to common areas, including the new terrazzo floor and ribbon ceiling, three sets of bathrooms, new electrical and IT infrastructure as well as tenant office spaces.

The transformation was possible through a $70.5 million total investment from LAWA, Westfield and operating partners.

“We’re raising the bar for what’s possible at an airport,” enthuses Deborah Flint, LAWA's chief executive officer.

“LAWA and Westfield are providing passengers a special experience that allows them to sample the best of LA, food and drink, unique shops and modern amenities. Now they can find all that and more in Terminal 6.”


Los Angeles and LAX had a record-breaking year in 2015. The city had 45.5 million visitors, and LAX – undergoing an $8.5 billion modernisation programme – saw 74.9 million passengers.

“What you see here today in Terminal 6 marks a milestone in our efforts to transform LAX as part of our Modernization Program, the largest construction programme in Los Angeles City history,” says Board of Airport Commissioner Gabriel Eshaghian.

“We thank Westfield and our airline partners for contributing to this tremendous effort and know we cannot realize our vision of a world-class airport without their help.” 

LAWA and Westfield’s on-site design, construction and tenant coordination team worked together with their project partners to complete the 20-month redevelopment ahead of schedule and under budget. 


“LAWA had the bold vision to completely transform the traveller experience at the airport,” said Keith Kaplan, Westfield’s vice president at LAX. “We’re so honoured to help make that happen, right here in our hometown, and we’re infusing the culture and spirit of Los Angeles into LAX.”

The design inspiration of Sunset Boulevard unified a terminal that had been built out over 40 years.

The central satellite was built in 1961, and a connector was later added for the 1984 Olympics. The south end connector was built in the 1990s to accommodate additional growth.

Using the existing terminal components, like winding hallways and varying elevations, the new traveller experience mirrors the drive along Sunset Boulevard.

The new terminal experience is organised by interconnected neighbourhoods that guide travellers on their journey.


After passing through the TSA checkpoint, passengers initially encounter a Downtown LA vibe. This neighbourhood feels like an urban street, complete with concrete walls and metal finishes.

The new ribbon ceiling and terrazzo floor guide travellers into Sunset Plaza, which has inviting, open spaces to eat, drink and people watch.

Travellers then flow into the Sunset Strip and Garden Terrace zones, where high-end retail and local dining burst with the energy of West Hollywood. 

“HMSHost is so excited to be part of the enhancements in LAX’s Terminal 6 by bringing new restaurants to travellers,” says Amy Dunne, vice president of business development at HMSHost, which operates seven dining concepts in the new Terminal 6.


“These locations provide variety to travellers while delivering unique culinary offerings and superior customer service. We look forward to continuing to elevate the traveler’s dining experience here at the airport.”

The passenger journey is complete at the beach, where the gates have renewed life and energy. 

“Osteria is one of the latest examples of SSP America’s ability to bring cool restaurants to the airport,” adds Michael Svagdis, CEO of SSP America, which will also operate Peet’s Coffee & Tea.

“We’ll serve almost 50,000 pizzas this year alone in a restaurant that truly is a stunning addition to T6. We’re grateful for the opportunity to bring this incredible restaurant to LAX.”

The new dining and retail collection features 21 new concepts and 14 LA brands that include Belkin; Blu2o; The Habit Burger Grill; The Marketplace by Wolfgang Puck; Wahoo’s Fish Taco; TUMI; Access Hollywood, Sunset News, and MARKET 8600.

Six operating partners worked together with LAWA and Westfield to transform the traveller journey, including Delaware North; HMSHost; Hudson Group; J&H Enterprises; SSP America; and TUMI, Inc.

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