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NEWS Last modified on October 21, 2016

Philadelphia completes final phase of its Terminal F expansion project

Photo Credit: Top Crane Photography. Photo Credit: Top Crane Photography.

Philadelphia International Airport has announced the completion of the final phase of the $160 million expansion of its busy Terminal F.

“This beautiful facility reflects the commitment to sustainability by our partner American Airlines and the Airport,” says airport, CEO Chellie Cameron.

“We are excited to celebrate the opening of Terminal F Baggage Claim that provides greater convenience to passengers in a beautiful setting.”

The $35 million Terminal F Baggage Claim building is the first LEED Gold project at the airport. 

The LEED certification process aligns with sustainability initiatives across the airport campus, such as habitat preservation, energy conservation, and recycling.

According to the gateway, the new facility will enable American Airlines to achieve its goals of increasing capacity and improving the passenger experience at one of its primary east coast hubs.

"The completion of the Terminal F project is a great day for American,” says Suzanne Boda, senior vice president for hubs and gateways.

“This state of the art LEED certified bag claim facility, coupled with recent renovations to F terminal, provides our travelers with a greater level of customer service while enhancing our focus on environmental stewardship.”

Designed by Sheward Partnership, Skanska USA built the new 40,500 square foot state-of-the-art baggage claim facility as well as a 40,000sqft renovation of the existing Terminal F ticketing building and Terminal E-F connector.

Additionally, the inbound baggage claim process was transferred out of the existing Terminal F ticketing building.

The new building is now located across from the main Terminal F building and can be accessed by an indoor 400-foot pedestrian bridge, which connects the two buildings.

Skanska USA reveals that the project included the erection of a 91,000-pound, 100-foot-long baggage handling conveyor bridge over the main airport departure road, which was prefabricated and lifted into place in one night with minimal disruption to the airport.

The expansion also included realignment of the commercial road to create pull-off lanes at the new Terminal F baggage claim for easier departure.

The airport notes that the new renovations permit passengers to circulate between Terminal F and the other terminals without leaving the secure area, which was previously only accomplished by shuttle bus.
“We are proud to add another LEED certified aviation project to our list of sustainable work and accomplishments,” says Skanska USA's executive vice president and general manager, Ed Szwarc. 

“Working with The Sheward Partnership we were able to recycle 75% of construction and demolition debris, utilise salvaged, refurbished and recycled materials in construction and regionally source building materials to not only help the environment but also support regional businesses.”

Terminal F, a 185,000 square-foot building composed of three concourses, opened in 2001 with 38 gates to serve regional flights.

The $100 million Terminal F project was complemented by the construction of a new ramp control tower and a 3,400-space parking garage.

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