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NEWS Last modified on October 25, 2016

SSP strengthens position in Thai airport market

It is smiles all round for F&B operator SSP in the land of smiles which has consolidated its position in the Thai market with a number of new contract wins.

It has been awarded a four-year contract valued at £33 million to operate eight concepts in the new international Terminal 2 at Phuket International Airport.

The deal will make SSP the leading concessionaire at the airport.

Landside, SSP will run all food and beverage operations on the mezzanine floor.

Its offer will include Burger King, Bill Bentleyn Pub, Ajisen Ramen, Thai Express, Airport Kopitiam, Dairy Queen and The Coffee Club.

Airside, passengers will be able to choose from Burger King and Bill Bentley Pub.

Commenting on the win, Chris Rayner, CEO SSP Asia Pacific said: “We have been running food and beverage concessions in Thai airports, where we are the clear market leader, since 1995 in cooperation with our Thai partner Minor Food Group.

"SSP Thailand’s strong track record in delivering great brands, great customer service and great sales all contributed to us being awarded the contracts in Phuket, and we are delighted to be building on our success in this strategically important region.”

Separately, at Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi Airport, SSP has extended all its existing contracts by four years. It has also extended its contracts at Chiang Mai International Airport by two years until July 2018.

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