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NEWS Last modified on October 27, 2016

JCDecaux launches dynamic digital campaign in Heathrow's gaterooms

JCDecaux Airport has launched an innovative dynamic digital campaign across the Heathrow gateroom DAPs network to provide passengers with useful destination based information.  

The dynamic content displays the weather, temperature and time at the flight’s end destination and begins running as individual gaterooms are declared open, ensuring the right passengers see content tailored to their destination.

Driven by live data feeds from Heathrow Airport’s flight information APIand global weather forecaster darksky.net, the campaign displays relevant up-to-date information to the influential airport audience.
According to JCDecaux, the campaign will showcase the advanced dynamic capabilities of its digital portfolio and will hopefully encourage more clients to utilise live data streams to enhance their digital campaigns.

It says: "With high dwell times and a captive audience, the airport provides advertisers with the perfect opportunity to engage with passengers on a deeper level through personalised content and live data. 

"Demonstrating the ease and effectiveness of dynamic through this gateroom campaign is consistent with our aim of making all airport digital campaigns dynamic by default."

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