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NEWS Last modified on October 28, 2016

Up to 400 positions up for grabs at Denver International Airport Job Fair

Denver International Airport is to hold a Job Fair tomorrow in a bid to help fill 400 retail/F&B and concessions jobs across the gateway.

The job fair, which is sponsored by the airport’s Concessionaires Association, will take place from 10am to 12.30pm at the Green Valley Ranch Recreation Center, located at 4890 Argonne Way in Denver, 80249.

Some participating companies will be conducting on-site interviews.

The available jobs include a wide range of restaurant, retail, management and spa service positions, including: general managers, assistant managers and supervisors, sous chefs, kitchen managers, line and prep cooks, dishwashers, food runners, bartenders, servers, hostesses, cashiers, retail clerks, stock clerks, maintenance, storeroom positions, massage therapists, nail technicians, cosmetologists, estheticians and makeup artists.

Job seekers are asked to RSVP online at DIAjobs.eventbrite.com

The gateway's concessions programme consists of more than 170,000 square feet of retail space inside the airport that includes more than 140 locations offering an exciting culinary, fashion and retail experience.

In 2015, the concession programme generated a record $335.7 million in annual gross receipts.

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