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NEWS Last modified on October 31, 2016

Animated film festival to take place at Japan's Chitose Airport

Japan's Chitose Airport is to host an animated film festival later this week at three specially prepared on-site theatres.

Called the Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2016, it is the third in a series of events that will feature animation authors and fans who will communicate with one another using animation, which it claims is an internationally common culture.

A major pillar of the animation festival, its international competition, will screen 45 works from 22 countries, which passed the elimination round of 1,232 works from 66 countries, an increase of about 130 works from last year's competition.
In addition to the competition screenings, special animation focused programmes will also be shown throughout the three day event.

As a curtain-raiser of the 2016 festival, visitors to the airport will be able to watch the film 'In This Corner of the World' by director Sunao Katabuchi, who will be present at the screening.

Others films on the agenda include 'KING OF PRISM by Pretty Rhythm'; 'TIGER & BUNNY: The Rising; 'Paprika' by director Satoshi Kon and 'Alice' by director Jan Svankmajer.

According to the blurb, some of these will feature extremely loud music, "dymmanic" soundtrack.
The films will be supported by an exhibition about some of them and the planned animated musical performances in the Central Plaza on the second floor of the domestic terminal.

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