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NEWS Last modified on November 1, 2016

New Jamie Oliver deli opens at Oslo Airport

Oslo Airport this morning unveiled its latest F&B offering – Jamie's Deli, British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's first restaurant in Norway. 

“We are proud to offer Jamie Oliver to Norway and Norway to Jamie Oliver," says the airport's commercial director, Torgeir Kjos Sørensen.

"The menu is composed by Oliver himself, which is a world renowned stamp of quality – not just in Norway."
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According to airport operator, Avinor, the concept of Jamie’s Deli springs from the idea of gathering around the table for a hearty meal – typical of Italian culture. 

And Italian food hasn't been forgotten on its menu as salads, antipasti and home-made pizza are among its offerings alongside more traditional deli fare such as freshly baked bread, pastries, breakfast items and classic Italian coffee.

“We will be serving rustic dishes in a modern, yet informal environment," says Morten Solberg-Nilsen, managing director of outlet operator, Select Service Partner (SSP).

"All dishes will be made from fresh, seasonal ingredients that are most importantly sustainable."
Also opening at the airport today is a new Ritazza, so more good news for coffee lovers.

“This café has specialised in barista coffee in the travel market and is well-known with many travellers,” adds Solberg-Nilsen.


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