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NEWS Last modified on November 3, 2016

JBT to provide 25 boarding bridges for Salt Lake City International Airport

Salt Lake City International Airport has contracted JBT Corporation for the supply of 25 boarding bridges, air handling units, and 400Hz ground power equipment.

The contract, between JBT and Holder – Big D Joint Venture, also calls for JBT to act as the systems integrator for electrically-powered ground support equipment charging stations and aircraft parking devices.

The Jetway boarding bridges being supplied are of a smooth-sided, steel design with PLC controls.

According to JBT, the air handling units will use chilled/heated liquid from the central utility plant to provide conditioned air to the aircraft while parked at the gate.

By supplying conditioned air and 400Hz ground power, the JBT equipment will allow the aircraft power units to be turned off saving fuel, reducing pollution, and minimizing operational costs. 

JBT has a long history with the Salt Lake City International Airport having supplied boarding bridges as part of the airport re-development project in 1982.

Additionally, it has been supplying services to maintain the Terminal 2 baggage handling system since 2009 and has maintaned the airport’s gate equipment, including boarding bridges, pre-conditioned air units, and ground power units for the past three years.

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