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NEWS Last modified on November 3, 2016

If pigs could fly – it's truffle week at Newark Liberty's Terminal C

In celebration of New York’s White Truffle Festival, Truffle Week in the Terminal is taking off at United Airlines’ Terminal C at Newark Liberty International, thanks to a new partnership between OTG and Urbani Truffles.

Over 200 pounds of white truffles valued at $600,000 have been flown in to Newark Liberty Airport for New York’s White Truffle Festival.

Six new restaurants in Terminal C – Chef Mario Carbone’s Abruzzo Italian Steakhouse and Casciano’s, in addition to Caps Beer Garden, Wanderlust Burger Bar, Saison and DAILY – will participate in New York’s White Truffle Festival, from November 5 to 12.

“It’s exciting to have a collection of restaurants participate, each with their own unique style and take on how to use truffles in our dishes,” said Chef Mario Carbone.

“Like at DAILY and Saison, we’ll incorporate fresh truffles and truffle products, not only into our menu at Abruzzo, a traditional steakhouse, but also at the more casual Casciano’s, where we’ll use truffle cream in our paninis, for example. While Wanderlust is going with black truffle burgers from Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors.”
Items to be offered include fresh lacquered Nantucket scallops  with shaved truffle and foie gras cream; Amish free range chicken stuffed with burgundy black truffles and served with roasted root vegetables with truffle jus; manicotti-stuffed shells filled with ground veal and truffled ricotta and pan roasted Rohan Duck Breast with fresh shaved truffle, among other truffle-infused dishes and bites.

OTG is opening dozens of new restaurants and markets in United Airlines’ Terminal C at Newark Liberty, where the airline is reimagining the airport experience.

Once the $120 million project is complete, it will be the largest collection of chef-led restaurants in an airport.

Understanding truffles requires special care an and particular attention, and OTG’s culinary and hospitality teams have undergone extensive truffle-handling training at Urbani’s Truffle Lab in Manhattan.

With the exception of Casciano’s, all participating concepts will feature a specially crafted selection of wine to pair with each dish. OTG will also host truffle product tastings with Urbani at Abruzzo Market and United’s Miles Shop, on November 11, between 3pm and 6pm.

“Participating in New York’s White Truffle Festival has both our guests and crew members incredibly excited,” said OTG CEO Rick Blatstein. 

“We’re always looking for unique and fun ways to elevate the travel experience for our guests, and in partnering with Urbani, we’re able to do just that.”

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