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NEWS Last modified on November 4, 2016

France awards TAV Group CEO, Sani Şener, with the Legion of Honour

TAV Group CEO, Sani Şener, has been awarded The National Order of the Legion of Honour by France in recognition of his contributions to the bilateral relations between Turkey and France. 

He was presented with the award by France's Ambassador to Turkey, Charles Fries, this week.

Şener says: “I am highly honoured and glad to be bestowed this honorable badge by the French Republic.

"Turkey and France has established centuries old deep-rooted, historical, economic and cultural bonds.

"In 1988, only 15 French companies were operating in Turkey; while the number of companies including French capitals has increased up to 1,400 lately. The volume of trade between Turkey and France is €16 billion.

"The French company ADP [Aéroports de Paris] invested approximately $1 billion in TAV Airports, the company in which I have been working as the president and CEO, and this has been one of the biggest foreign investments made in Turkey.

"Since then, TAV has been investing in third countries together with ADP as a Turkish-French companies’ joint venture.

"I have also been appointed as the chairman of Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkish-French Business Council and, together with the Board of this council, we support the investments of Turkish-French companies to be made in third countries.

"We will continue to endeavor at every platform we exist to contribute to the development of the relationship between the two countries".

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