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NEWS Last modified on November 4, 2016

Stockholm Arlanda set to introduce US preclearance in 2018

Stockholm Arlanda is set to introduce a US preclearance facility following the green light from the Swedish and US governments.

Today's signing of a bilateral agreement to introduce US border control at Stockholm Arlanda was rubber stamped at the same time as an agreement with US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on how the preclearance facility will be handled at the gateway.

“The US is Sweden’s most important trading partner after Britain," states Karl Wistrand, president and CEO of Swedavia. "It feels really good now that the agreement with CPB has been signed.

"As we await a decision from the Swedish parliament, we will continue our preparatory work so that a decision on a larger investment in US preclearance facilities can be taken immediately once the legal process is completed, which is expected in the summer of 2018." 
In 2015, Stockholm Arlanda Airport was selected by US authorities as one of ten airports around the world with the possibility of establishing US border control on foreign soil prior to departure. 

As a result of today’s agreements, a preclearance facility can be built as soon as the lega process is completed to modify US preclearance to comply with Swedish laws. 

Swedavia will now proceed to the next preparatory phase of completing the project design and preparing a public tender for the coming facility.

“The agreement between Sweden and the US will benefit Swedish access," adds Wistrand.

"Travel between the two countries has increased sharply in recent years, to more than 600,000 passengers, and introduction of US preclearance will have a strong positive effect on both foreign investment and Swedish tourism."

In 2015, about 1.1 million passengers flew between Sweden and the US, with 60% of them choosing direct flights.
Stockhom immigration
Over the past few years, the trend in air travel has been dominated by increased leisure travel in both directions.

The anticipated upturn in passenger after introduction of US preclearance is expected to create 280 new jobs in the Swedish economy.

Implementation of US preclearance ultimately requires the approval of the Swedish parliament and further capital spending to complete the facility.


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