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NEWS Last modified on November 7, 2016

Smiths Detection launches new website for aviation industry to share security best practices

Smiths Detection today announced the launch of Aviation Insider – a new online hub for the aviation sector.

It claims that as both risks to airports and the technologies to counter them continue to evolve, the need to stay informed has never been greater and believes that aviation-insider.com can showcase best practice in aviation security and facilitate discussion.

The company notes it will only host informed, expert opinions and articles written by leading voices in the sector.

Cameron Mann, global market director, aviation, at Smiths Detection, says: “The series of attacks on airports over the past two years is evidence of the fact that the world’s 2,200 airports are facing unprecedented security threats.”

“Taking an integrated approach to aviation security, from kerb to gate, has never been more important. This has been recognised by IATA and ACI with their Smart Security scheme, and is also at the core of Smiths Detection’s approach to provide integrated airport security solutions.

“The benefits of a joined-up approach are considerable.

"Airport operators need to consider passenger experience, operational efficiency and security effectiveness when developing their security processes. They are interrelated and need to be considered together so that airports can streamline their operations and reap the benefits of improved efficiency and productivity.”

He continues: “Aviation Insider is designed to be a critical hub for industry opinion; a place where best practice ideas can be shared and where discussion between practitioners can thrive for this evolving landscape.

"Passengers need to keep flying with minimal delays and maximum safety and we hope that this hub will contribute to making that happen.”

The website’s launch comes as Smiths Detection has set up a dedicated aviation solutions team to help airports improve their security, based on a fully integrated approach to security from kerb to gate.

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