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NEWS Last modified on November 9, 2016

Stockholm Arlanda breaks ground on new maintenance base

Stockholm Arlanda has broken ground on a new maintenance base it hopes to open in the summer of 2018.

Described as a "modern, functional and environmentally sensitive maintenance facility" for airport vehicles by operator Swedavia, the project is a key part of its development plans for Stockholm Arlanda.

The new €110 million maintenance area will comprise 15 new buildings and the renovation of one building, Building 898.

It will be equipped to accommodate the airport's fleet of buses, ground handling vehicles and snow clearing equipment and includes a garage, cleaning facilities, workshops, offices and overnight accommodation for operational staff on duty.

Swedavia reveals that the current maintenance area has to be relocated as the existing one occupies space that needs to be freed up to enable construction of a new pier in Terminal 5.

The new pier will be capable of handling aircraft up to the size of the A380, a move Swedavia believes will better equip the airport to develop and grow its long-haul network.

It notes that the current facilities also fail to meet today’s requirements for the indoor and outdoor workplace environment, requirements that will be met by the new facilities.

The new maintenance base will be located between the new pier and the third runway, alongside Lake Halmsjön, on the site formerly used as SAS’s technical base.

JM Entreprenad has been awarded the contract to build the complex.

A new utilities building is also being built in the maintenance area to provide district heating, district cooling and electricity.

“It is really exciting to begin work on the new maintenance area since this is an important part of Stockholm Arlanda’s development," says Kjell-Åke Westin, airport director at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

"As a result of our expansion and rebuilding, we can enhance access and meet the capacity challenges ahead."

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