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NEWS Last modified on November 10, 2016

Good neighbour Brisbane Airport issues its first Sustainability Report

Brisbane Airport has issued its first ever Sustainabilty Report demonstrating how it addresses its responsibilities to customers, partners, shareholders and community in a sustainable manner without adverse environmental or community impacts.

The FY16 Sustainability Report, developed under the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Framework, highlights some of the airport's recent initiatives, including improved waste management practices and community engagement and philanthropy work.

CEO and managing director of Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC), Julieanne Alroe, says: “BAC has always adopted a global perspective on sustainability which reaches well beyond ‘risk and compliance’.

“Instead our focus is on the responsible development of the airport in a way that meets the needs of present generations and is viewed with pride by future generations.

“Following the outcomes of the COP21 meeting in Paris on Climate Change in December 2015, we commenced developing our Climate Change Adaptation Plan with a focus on reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

“We take the risk and impacts of climate change seriously so implementing a long term strategy to reduce the inevitable impacts and to future proof the airport is of great importance."

In addition to the release of the report, Alroe notes that Brisbane Airport is currently Level 3 Optimisation under the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme, as well as being the first airport to achieve the first ever Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) Green Star – Communities rating.

Taking its sustainability promise to a global level, BAC also recently became a signatory to ‘The International Airports Sustainability Declaration’, which was signed during the 2016 Airports Going Green Conference held at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol last week.

The Airports Sustainability Declaration, an initiative of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, ties in with current developments such as the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, COP21 and the ICAO convention on reducing aviation emissions.

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