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NEWS Last modified on November 10, 2016

O'Hare's new runway named as project of the year by US construction association

The Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) has named a new runway built at Chicago O’Hare as 2016 Project of the Year.

The award for runway 10R-28L recognised the efforts of the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) and WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff.

The runway also received CMAA’s Project Achievement Award for infrastructure with constructed value greater than $150 million.

WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff served as construction manager for runway 10R-28Lm which is  part of CDA's multi-billion dollar O’Hare Modernization Program (OMP).

Runway 10R-28L is the fifth east-west parallel runway at O'Hare and the fourth new runway component opened since 2008 as part of the OMP.
It is 7,500 feet in length and 150 feet in width. Construction on the $516 million runway and taxiway system began in 2011 and was commissioned on October 15, 2015, along with the $41 million South Air Traffic Control Tower, which now manages aircraft operations on the runway.

Runway 10R-28L allows for two simultaneous arrival runways and one departure runway on the south airfield, which gives O’Hare more flexibility for airport operations and allows for additional flights to be added, thus reducing delays.

Th firm has served as construction manager on the OMP for over  a decade.

The huge development project is transforming O’Hare from what was an intersecting system of runways to a more efficient system of parallel runways, thus increasing the airport’s capacity, reducing delays and meeting the anticipated demand well into the future.

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