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NEWS Last modified on November 18, 2016

Dulles to open Washington Redskins themed restaurant in latest F&B/retail upgrade

Washington DC's airports have announced the latest new names to join their major retail/F&B makeover, which started nearly three years and has already led to the opening of close to 120 new outlets. 

Among the new concepts will be the region’s first airport Chick-Fil-A, with its family friendly menu along with Pei Wei, freshly prepared Asian-fusion cuisine.

Additionally, a second Wolfgang Puck restaurant will join the expanded list of celebrity chef-driven concepts at Reagan National and Dulles International airports.

One of the most innovative additions in the line-up will be the Washington Redskins Burgundy and Gold restaurant.
“As part of the airport’s mission, we have focused on the passenger experience and that extends to the shopping and dining options available at Reagan National and Dulles International airports,” says Jerome Davis, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) executive vice president and chief revenue officer.

“When passengers travel through Dulles and Reagan National, their journey will include concessions offerings that reflect passenger preferences and expectations for Washington’s airports.”
 The new Washington Redskins-themed restaurant, named the 'Burgundy & Gold Club' will be accompanied by a stand-alone exhibit featuring the storied history of the Redskins NFL team since moving to the nation’s capital nearly eight decades ago. 

“We are excited to partner with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority to bring a Redskins themed restaurant to Dulles International Airport,” says Terry Bateman, Washington Redskins executive vice president.

“The Redskins have been part of the Washington, D.C., region since 1937, and having a presence at Dulles International Airport – a premiere gateway to the Capital Region – is a natural fit.”

The Redskins-themed restaurant, along with shops and restaurants distinctive to the Washington region, are part of an effort to give Reagan National and Dulles International airports “a stronger sense of place,” admits Chryssa Westerlund, MWAA's vice president of marketing and consumer strategy. 

“As soon as people step off their planes, we want to create an immediate image of the nation’s capital by providing a ‘look and feel’ of this unique area.”
 During the past 30 months, MWAA and its concession manager, MarketPlace Development, have added more than 120 shops and restaurants at Reagan National and Dulles International, aimed at enriching the passengers’ journey by creating a sample of what the region has to offer.
“As we begin our Phase 5 round of introducing new concessions at the airports, we remain focused on representing the diversity of the region we serve in the food and retail offerings to our passengers,” adds Steve Baker, MWAA's deputy vice president for customer and concession development, who has led the transformation effort.

“Our concessions are giving passengers variety with local, regional and national flair that we hope will enhance their overall travel experience.”
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