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NEWS Last modified on November 18, 2016

NATS to get €26 million in EU funding to accelerate modernisation of UK airspace

NATS and INEA, the European Commission Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, today signed grant agreements totalling €26 million of EU funding which will help the UK accelerate the upgrading of its air traffic management systems in support of delivering a Single European Sky.

The Grant Agreements are in response to INEA’s 2015 Multi-Annual Call for projects supporting the European Union’s Connection Europe Facility (CEF) programme and will help NATS in its deployment of SESAR.

The projects being funded by the grants will help NATS deliver essential systems upgrades and a new Operations Room at the Swanwick Centre, from which London and much of wider UK airspace is controlled. 

The projects form part of NATS’ implementation of the European Air Traffic Management (ATM) Master Plan and related SESAR Solutions and will help enable NATS to safely and efficiently manage forecast growth in UK air traffic of 50% by 2030, benefitting both the UK and the wider European network.
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Paul Haskins, director of service, strategy and transformation at NATS and INEA director, Dirk Beckers, formally exchanged signed copies of four Grant Agreements at a ceremony in Brussels.

Haskins says: “NATS is committed to delivering SESAR and is accelerating its deployment activities to bring benefits to its customers at the earliest possible opportunity.

"This INEA funding will help us to achieve that.”

Beckers adds: "The EU is continuing its support for projects bringing the Single European Sky forward and I am confident that NATS will deliver at their end so that our citizens can benefit from improvements in air travel."

SESAR (the Single European Sky ATM research programme) will make air travel in Europe safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly, as well as increasing capacity to meet future demand.

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