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NEWS Last modified on November 21, 2016

Aedas to play key role in major new airport projects in Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Aedas will play a role in the development of China’s Shenzhen Bao’an and Hong Kong international airports after being appointed lead design architect on major projects at both gateways.

An international team consisting of GDAD as the local design institute/terminal planners, Landrum & Brown as aviation planners, and Aedas as lead design architect, have been awarded the design and construction of the new Satellite Concourse at Shenzhen Boa’an International Airport.

It will also act as lead design architect, along with AECOM as lead consultant and engineer, and OTC as aviation planners, on the new passenger building as part of Hong Kong International Airport’s Three-Runway System (TRS) project.
Shenzhen Boa’an International Airport

Describing the new Satellite Concourse, Aedas says: “The roof, inspired by the gently curving rivers of the region, will guide the flow of the passengers through the concourse.”

An Automated People Mover (APM) system will provide access to the concourse, which Aedas reveals will be light and spacious.

The complex will also boast multi-level retail and F&B offerings, which it is hoped will “provide a rich variety of environments and areas for passengers, guiding them intuitively towards the departure gates”.
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Hong Kong’s Third Runway Passenger Building

The new 280,000 square-metre building will be located directly north of the existing Terminal 1 and south of the new third runway and be connected to an expanded Terminal 2 by an underground APM system. 

The Third Runway Passenger Building, together with the expanded Terminal 2, will allow HKIA to serve an additional 30 million passengers annually.

Aedas is currently working on the HKIA Terminal 2 expansion, once again with AECOM and OTC, which will see the facility more than doubled in size from 100,000sqm to 250,000sqm.

According to Aedas, the project will transform Terminal 2 into a full processor for Departures and Arrivals with full baggage handling capabilities.

It says: “The elegant and dynamic linear curved roof creates the identity and excitement to the terminal. 

“The responsive linear roof form provides intuitive flow, light and varying heights to the functions below, and the large overhang of the linear roof provides shade and shelter for departing passengers.

“Arriving passengers will have views through to the central portal from the baggage reclaim hall, reinforcing the holistic experience of the Terminal.”

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