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NEWS Last modified on November 22, 2016

Turn spare coins into travel retail vouchers at Berlin Schönefeld Airport

Coindrum, which turns departing passenger’s leftover coins into higher value travel retail vouchers, just added Berlin to its growing number of international airport locations. 

German travel retail powerhouse Heinemann has partnered with Coindrum to launch the award winning solution that allows passengers to avoid the leftover coin inconvenience by getting 110% of their value as a duty free retail voucher.

Coindrum units are now in operation in the main Heinemann Duty Free shops of both major terminals of Berlin Schönefeld Airport, which just welcomed its 10 millionth passenger, reaching record breaking double-digit millions for the first time ever.
Heinemann Schonefeld
Co-owner, Gunnar Heinemann, comments: “The new partnership between Heinemann and Coindrum in Berlin Schönefeld as a test outlet is yet another way for us to delight our customers with an innovative service and also generates a positive business impact by offering an additional incentive to start browsing our product selection.“

Duty Free operators benefits from an increased percentage of passengers that start shopping, with incremental sales being driven by customers who usually spend a multiple of their voucher values at the till.

Heinemann joins IDF, LFP and the world’s largest airport retailer Dufry, in offering the service. 

Coindrum CEO, Lukas Decker, comments: “We turn the pain point of leftover coins into extra value for passengers by offering vouchers that are of higher value than their cash deposits.

"It’s a service that commits passengers to start shopping which measurably and significantly increases revenue for our retail partners.”

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