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NEWS Last modified on November 22, 2016

Greek regional airports to install common-use check-in technology

Greece's regional airports are turning to SITA's common-use terminal equipment (CUTE) technology to help them increase their passenger processing efficiency.

Fraport Greece, which will soon be responsible for operating, maintaining and upgrading 14 Greek regional airports over a 40-year concession period, will install the CUTE technology across its network.

According to SITA, the implementation will allow airlines to work seamlessly at the Fraport Greece airports by sharing check-in desks, kiosks and boarding areas while accessing their own airline-specific systems.

It says that its AirportConnect Open solution is the only common-use platform that fully integrates solutions both for agents and passengers.
It is also Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant, supporting the security requirements of the credit card industry and already in use at 420 airports worldwide.

Alexander Zinell, CEO of Fraport Greece, says: “Well-managed airports worldwide have proven that they also serve as economic engines for their communities.

"Our aim is to reposition the 14 airports as modern, competitive gateways that support the growth of the regions and the country’s tourism industry overall.

"Technology will play a central role in achieving our vision for an improved passenger experience and SITA is a key partner in providing the state-of-the-art technology solutions required."

Fraport Greece is currently working on development plans for the 14 airports that take into consideration the specific needs of each location. 
In total, it will invest around €330 million in the development of the airports’ infrastructure until 2020.

Dave Bakker, SITA president Europe, says: "Our CUTE solution allows any airline to quickly set up and operate from any of the airports, helping Fraport Greece elevate the experience for airlines as well as their passengers.”

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