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NEWS Last modified on November 27, 2016

ACI-LAC appoints Quito's Andrew O'Brian as its new vice president

ACI-LAC's Board. ACI-LAC's Board.

Corporación Quiport's president and CEO, Andrew O’Brian, has been elected first vice president of ACI Latin America-Caribbean (ACI-LAC).

The appointment, rubber stamped at ACI-LAC's recent Annual Assembly Conference & Exhibition held in Brasilia, is for two years.

O’Brian says: “For several years, Quiport has actively participated in ACI-LAC and its diverse committees. The fact that we have constructed and operated one of the top airports in the region allows us to be one of the leaders of the industry.

"Our participation in the organization that represents airports also gives us the opportunity to share and benefit from the best practices of the various stakeholders of the airport industry and to use these experiences to benefit the service that we provide to our passengers and users”.

Martín Eurnekian, vice president of Corporación América Aeropuertos, was elected president of ACI-LAC, which represents the interests of more than 260 airports in 37 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Angela Gittens, ACI World's director general, notes" “ACI's team in Latin America and the Caribbean is delighted with the appointment of Mr O´Brian to its ranks. 

"He has proven his worth as a visionary yet very much grounded executive of Ecuador’s capital city airport and has provided insightful direction to the global aviation system with his participation on the ACI World Governing Board.

"I look forward to the continuing progress of ACI World and ACI Latin America-Caribbean.”

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