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NEWS Last modified on December 1, 2016

Oslo Airport resumes 'Connecting Norway' trial for transfer passengers

Oslo Airport today resumes its 'Connecting Norway' trial, which allows ticketed passengers arriving on international services to catch an onward domestic flight without having to collect their baggage from the baggage hall and check it in again.

The three year trial started in September 2015 but was suspended in October because of ongoing development work ahead of the opening of the the new North Pier.

“The plan has always been for the service to be situated in the North Pier, but the pier wasn’t ready for use when the trial was launched,"explains the airport's director of terminal operations, Thorgeir Landevaag.

"We are really looking forward to reopening it." 

After today's reopening, the plan is that a growing number of passengers will use the service.
“One of the things we are working on is a new automated solution for baggage handling, so that the job of baggage handlers will be less resource-intensive,” adds Landevaag.

“We aim to have this in place in January, which means that we from February onwards will be able to increase the number of flights considerably.

"Most passengers with a through ticket from an international flight to a domestic flight will be able to use the service."

"At the beginning of the trial period, the service only included a few destinations and flights. This number has steadily risen during the first year of trial operation.
Oslo take off

“Our goal is that most travellers with a through ticket will be able to use the service before the trial period is over.

"This will help us ensure good references in relation to authorities and airlines, thereby making Domestic Transfer a natural part of the journey to Norway via Oslo Airport."

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