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NEWS Last modified on December 13, 2016

Jacobs Engineering to help plot Heathrow's sustainable expansion

Jacobs Engineering Group has been awarded a four-year contract by London Heathrow to provide airport planning and engineering services to support its sustainable expansion.

It joins Heathrow’s new Integrated Design Team (IDT) of seven aviation planning and design organisations selected to develop plans for the airport’s expansion.

The team will collaborate to help deliver one of the most complex airport developments in the world.

Heathrow Airport is currently sixth busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic and the busiest airport in Europe.

Jacobs’s role includes overseeing design activities for the airfield, highways and earthworks and supporting the IDT with a range of engineering, planning and environmental  services. 
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“Jacobs has worked with Heathrow Airport for the past 15 years delivering both airside and landside projects,” says Jacobs' senior vice president buildings and infrastructure, Bob Duff. 

“Around the world, we’ve worked in collaborative roles for several major terminal and runway expansion projects and, as a member of the IDT, we look forward to contributing our proven expertise to help Heathrow create resilient and efficient plans for sustainable expansion.”

Heathrow's head of design, Barry Weekes, says: “Finalising the IDT members is a significant milestone in what will be a fast paced design and engineering schedule.

"We are now well on our way to delivering Britain’s newest runway, providing the additional capacity our country needs to maintain its place in the world as a prosperous, outward looking trading nation.”
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Jacobs also recently won a three-year framework contract with Heathrow Airport to provide inspection of civil engineering assets and heavy rail, design consultancy, and a wide range of other civil airport infrastructure works across the airport. 

Heathrow yesterday revealed that it is to commence the preparation of a planning application to expand the airport with a new runway.  

The application is intended to be formally submitted in 2019, after the UK government has designated the National Policy Statement.

To inform its planning application, Heathrow will undertake extensive engagement and consultation with local communities and other stakeholders on various aspects of the scheme including environmental impacts and project design. 

The first step will be to commence wildlife and other environmental surveys in the local area, starting in early 2017.

The latest Community Bulletin from Heathrow, delivered to over 4,000 homes this week, sets out information about this to residents living nearby.
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Emma Gilthorpe, Heathrow’s expansion director, says: “Heathrow has its team in place, working to deliver the benefits of expansion in the most sustainable way.

"During the detailed planning process there will be lots of opportunities for local communities, industry partners and other interested parties to help shape our proposals.  

“Together, we want to create a plan that not only boosts the economy – locally and across the UK – but one that delivers a lasting legacy in the local area and tackles important local issues including reducing noise and meeting air quality requirements.”

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