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NEWS Last modified on December 16, 2016

Munich aiming to become Germany's first carbon neutral airport

Munich has unveiled plans to to become Germany's first carbon neutral airport.

The gateway states that the plan will cost it €150 million between now and 2030 by which time it will have directly reduced its CO2 emissions by 60% and and offset the remaining 40% through certified projects at the regional level.

Dr Markus Söder, the Bavarian State Minister for Finance, Regional Development and Home Affairs and the chairman of Munich Airport's supervisory board, said: "With this target we are underscoring the enormous importance attached to climate protection by the airport and the Bavarian state government.

"We're not just talking about it. We're taking action and implementing innovative measures to effectively reduce emissions at the airport. Once again, Munich Airport is a trailblazer for all of Germany." 

The package of measures for achieving carbon neutrality at Munich Airport covers all areas, but especially the energy supply, efficiency improvements in building systems, vehicle fleet optimization, exterior lighting and further improvements in electric power use of the baggage transport system.
The improvements range from intelligent control technologies to climate-optimised facades, including a switch to LED technology for runway lighting, increased reliance of renewable energy sources and greater use of electro-mobility in the airport's vehicle fleet.

The CO2 strategy package launched today represents the continuation of the airport's successful climate protection efforts.

Airport CEO, Dr Michael Kerkloh, noted: "As Europe's first five-star airport, we also set very high standards for climate protection.

"With our far-reaching climate targets we want to help ensure that the airport's operations and ongoing development are pursued in ways that preserve the opportunities and possibilities of future generations.

"With the goal of achieving carbon-neutral airport operations, we are paving the way to sustainable, resource-conserving air transportation." 

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