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NEWS Last modified on December 21, 2016

Dubai selects Mawgif as the concessionaire for its airport car parks

Dubai Airports has awarded a 10-year parking concession to Saudi-based National Parking Company (Mawgif) to manage, operate and maintain all car parks at both its airports.

The agreement, which will see Mawgif deploy its parking access control and payment technology at all locations at Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central (DWC), includes a commitment to design and build a new 3,000-space multi-storey car park at Dubai International’s Terminal 1.

“We are confident that our new partnership will deliver quality to our customers, while improving our performance and efficiency in this category," says Eugene Barry, executive vice president, commercial and communications at Dubai Airports.
DWC pax
“Our customers can look forward to our commitment to improve service, and to a better overall experience, whether they are flying out of DXB and DWC or greeting family and friends.”

Andrew Perrier, chief business development officer for Mawgif, the National Parking Company, enthuses: ”The car park is the first and last experience when you drive to and from the airport.

"We look forward to working closely with Dubai Airports on our investment to deliver our world class infrastructure, technology and operations for all car park users at all terminals and locations.

“This will include increasing capacity at Terminal 1 as well offering a wider range of parking products, payment options, and making it easier for users to find a car park space."

Mawgif partners with seven airports across the Middle East region and has extensive experience designing, building, and operating cap parking solutions as well as on-street parking management throughout Saudi Arabia.

The company manages a total of 100,000 car park spaces across the region.

Dubai Airports currently has over 5,000 parking spaces across its three terminals at DXB. 

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