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NEWS Last modified on December 28, 2016

Auckland Airport unveils new mobile, self-service check-in kiosks

Auckland Airport has rolled out its first mobile self-service check-in kiosks, in preparation for expected record passenger numbers through the international terminal this summer.

The gateway's general manager for aeronautical operations, Judy Nicholl, says the kiosks will enable more dynamic use of the check-in area and are being introduced to improve queuing times for passengers.

“The kiosks are both mobile and fully-customisable, meaning we can put them out anywhere, and at any time, to meet customer demand,” says Nicholl.

“Upstairs in the international terminal we are currently expanding and upgrading our departure lounge and security processing to accommodate increasing passenger numbers.
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"However, this mobile technology will help us to continue to manage the check-in process for passengers within our existing footprint.”

Auckland Airport has invested in 45 of the kiosks, which enable passengers to check in themselves, print boarding passes and bag tags and then just drop their bags off at the counter.

The kiosks have a 12 hour rechargeable battery life, and can therefore support extended peak periods.

Cathay Pacific and American Airlines have already started to use the new kiosks, with more airlines set to follow suit over the summer period.

Cathay’s airport services manager, Nathan Rogerson, says the airline is already seeing the benefit of adopting the new technology into its check-in service.

“Introducing mobile check-in kiosks for our double-daily flights to Hong Kong has taken the stress away from the check-in experience for our passengers, reduced our queues significantly and is allowing us to focus on our customers first," he enthuses.
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"Passengers can now spend more time with their family and friends and enjoy a relaxed journey through the airport before their departure.”

The kiosks are not the only new additions to Auckland Airport’s international terminal check-in hall as a further 13 service counters have been accommodated and all flight information and above-counter screens have been replaced with larger, high-definition screens for greater visibility from distance.

The back-of-house international baggage handling system has also been upgraded to prepare for the increased volumes associated with the peak summer season.

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