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NEWS Last modified on December 29, 2016

Hong Kong International Airport handles over 70 million passengers in 2016

Hong Kong International Airport will handle over 70 million passengers in 2016 after surpassing the milestone earlier today.

Taiwanese traveller Lin Yi-ju had the honour of being the 70th million passenger in 2016 when she arrived on a flight from Bangkok this morning.

She was met by Jack So Chak-kwong, chairman of operator, Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK), who presented her with HK$30,000 in cash coupons and two Cathay Pacific business-class tickets for an Asian destination.

He said: “HKIA’s annual passenger throughput surpassed 60 million for the first time in 2014, and only two years later, today we reached the 70 million mark.
"The airport authority is delighted to witness this strong growth momentum. We expect that all three traffic categories – passengers, cargo and flight movements – will set new annual records in 2016.

"I am particularly grateful to the over 73,000 staff of the airport community, whose concerted efforts have helped maintain efficient operations to receive an ever rising amount of passengers whilst providing a pleasant travel experience for our guests.”

Talking about the future, he says: “To meet increasing passenger demand, we have initiated a number of major medium and long-term developments.
"The construction of the Three-runway System commenced on August 1 this year, and in the meantime the expansion of Terminal 1 is underway.

"HKIA will also continue to apply innovations and smart technology with a view to providing even more convenient services for our passengers and enhancing the overall airport experience."


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