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NEWS Last modified on December 29, 2016

Warsaw Chopin to introduce new 'Kiss & Fly' zone

Warsaw's Chopin Airport is to introduce a Kiss & Fly Zone outside the Departures Hall for motorists dropping off passengers.

It claims that the launch of the Kiss & Fly zone on January 2 is the next step in the changing of the traffic flow at the airport.

From January 2, drivers arriving at Departures will find barriers blocking off the first and second lanes closest to the terminal.

However, they can be opened by taking a ticket from a machine, and then the clock starts running with drivers charged a steadily rising fee for all stays of beyond seven miniutes.

Specifically, a stop from 7 to 15 minutes will cost 30 zlotys, and more than 15 minutes will be charged 1zł per minute. 


The gateway is also quick to point out that drivers must stay with their vehicles at all times and if leave them or follow passengers into the termnal run the risk of having their cars towed away.

"Kiss & Fly zones are a tested solution used at many airports in the world," says Andrzej Ilków, deputy director of Warsaw Chopin Airport.

"They ensure the safety and smoothness of traffic in front of the terminal and allow each driver who arrives at the airport in their own car the convenince of stopping outside the entrance to the departure hall."

Chopin's Kiss & Fly zone will boast 89 parking spaces that include five places for disabled drivers.

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