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NEWS Last modified on December 30, 2016

New survey reveals that British kids enjoy more overseas holidays than ever before

Today’s kids are a generation of tiny travellers, visiting more countries, clocking up more air miles and having more overseas experiences than ever before, according to Heathrow Airport.

New research reveals that in 2016, one in five (19%) kids went away seven or more times and one in 20 went on more than 10 breaks taking into account family holidays, school trips and vacations with friends. 

The current generation of kids are dreaming of Bondi Beach, kangaroos and the Outback, with nearly a quarter (23%) of children citing far-flung Australia as their dream destination for 2017.

Meanwhile, parents were dreaming of vacations closer to home, with the likes of Mallorca (17%), Tenerife (17%) and Blackpool (16%) topping their holiday wish lists. 

The rising popularity of American television shows may be why many children also now want to take a trip across the pond - first place on the dream list for little ones was the Big Apple, one in three (31%) said New York is the place they would most like to visit this year.

This was followed by Australia (23%), Hawaii (13%), Mount Everest (11%) and Thailand (10%). 
To help parents make airport experiences as smooth as possible, Heathrow has revealed its top tips for airport travel – including free play areas, kids-eat-free meals and complimentary pampering with over 50 free beauty treatments - before it’s time to fly. 

For many kids, the fun starts before reaching their destination – a fifth (21%) of parents say their child’s favourite part of a holiday is going through the airport or being on a plane.  

Wanting to make sure their little ones can capture every moment, 15% of parents will buy them a new SLR camera, video camera or iPhone to give them the best possible technology for sharing their adventures abroad.

While swimming (46%) and camping (23%) was a favourite childhood holiday activity for today’s parents, this generation of mini adrenaline-junkies are increasingly excited by adventure activities such as scuba diving (18%), safaris (14%) and jet skiing (12%). 

With getaways becoming increasingly action-packed, parents are now spending £2,333 on an average family holiday, around £616.47 per child.

This totals a whopping £29,962 on holidays over the course of a childhood!

Parents also give their kids £46.80 pocket money, a 56% increase on the amount they received from their parents.

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