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NEWS Last modified on December 30, 2016

Passengers doing their bit for the environment at three US gateways

The Good Traveler, San Diego International Airport’s carbon offset programme, has offset more than 11 million air miles of travel in just over one year.

The programme allows passengers to purchase credits good for offsetting the carbon emissions produced during their trip.

And such has been its success in San Diego, that the scheme has been expanded to include two additional US gateways – Seattle-Tacoma and Austin-Bergstrom.
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According to San Diego International Airport, the Good Traveler provides an easy, affordable, and meaningful way for passengers to balance the impact of their travel.

“The Good Traveler is a key component of San Diego International Airport’s sustainability strategy,” says Brendan Reed, the airport’s director of environmental affairs.

“With every mile we offset, we’re making a tangible contribution to the fight against climate change.”

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport's executive director, Jim Smith, says: “Austin’s airport has worked to minimise its environmental impact starting with its construction in the 1990s. Now our travellers have the opportunity to personally make air travel more sustainable."
While Port of Seattle commissioner, Stephanie Bowman, notes: “Visitors and citizens of the Seattle region care deeply about the environment

“And we’re responding with our own commitment to reduce the Port’s carbon emissions by 50%. The Good Traveler program is a perfect complement to these programmes. 

"Passengers can be personally involved in reducing their carbon footprint through an easy-to-use, intuitive offsetting program designed specifically for air travellers. “

By working together, all of The Good Traveler airports hope to create an industry-leading, sustainable travel experience for passengers and optimise the programme’s “buying power” in terms of offsets. 
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Currently, a $1 credit offsets 500 miles of air travel or 200 miles of automobile travel. Proceeds go toward conservation projects that help counteract the effect of greenhouse gas emissions on the environment.

Online purchasers can choose whether the funds go to US programmes such as a wind farm, forestry project and Colorado Delta Restoration project; or offsets that reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation in the Congo & Zambia.

In San Diego, Good Traveler offsets can be purchased at Ryan Bros Coffee inside Terminal 1 and 2 and online at www.thegoodtraveler.org.


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