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NEWS Last modified on January 4, 2017

Cologne Bonn Airport reveals record breaking traffic figures for 2016

Cologne Bonn has become one of the first airports in the world to release its 2016 traffic figures, the German gateway handling a record breaking 11.9 million passengers during the calendar year.

The total represents an upturn of 15% or 1.6 million passengers on 2015.

Commenting on the landmark results, Michael Garvens, chairman of the Management Board, Cologne Bonn, said: “It was an excellent year for us. Cologne Bonn was the fastest growing airport of all the major German airports, reaching new levels of passenger and cargo numbers.

"We strive to maintain these figures throughout this year.”
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A large share of the record growth can be attributed to Eurowings’ new low-cost long-haul routes – it currently operating 14 long-haul flights to Asia, the Caribbean, and the US from Cologne Bonn – and it is set to launch new services to Windhoek, Las Vegas, Orlando and Seattle in 2017.

Ryanair also enjoyed notable expansion at the gateway over the last 12 months, serving 21 destinations from Cologne Bonn last summer.

In addition to excellent passenger traffic results throughout 2016, last year’s cargo volume reached an all-time high at Cologne Bonn with the airport handling in excess of 786,000 tonnes, a 4% year-on-year increase.

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