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NEWS Last modified on January 5, 2017

Double reason to celebrate at Stockholm Arlanda – new traffic record and biofuel flight

Stockholm Arlanda Airport had double reason to celebrate today after revealing passenger numbers hit an all-time high in 2016 and registering its first aviation biofuel flight.

Swedish airport operator, Swedavia, says that a record 24.7 million passengers (+7%) passed through Stockholm Arlanda in 2016.

The upturn was driven by a continued rise in international traffic and a booming market for domestic travel.
“We had more than 500,000 passengers a week for 18 weeks in a row, which is also a new record," enthuses Lena Rökaas, acting airport director and chief operating officer at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

"This is clear confirmation of Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s importance for access in Sweden and to the rest of the world.

"During the year, we launched a number of major construction projects to further increase Stockholm Arlanda’s capacity."

Meanwhile today, for the first time, an aircraft was fuelled at Stockholm Arlanda with aviation biofuel purchased by Swedavia.

Swedavia claims that the 450 tonnes of aviation biofuel it purchased at a cost of SEK7.5 million (€786,000) corresponds to the amount used by its employees when on official business trips in 2016.

"The aim of Swedavia’s investment in aviation biofuel is to promote the domestic production of biofuel and help achieve the ambition of making Swedish domestic air travel completely fossil-free by 2030 in order to reduce the environmental impact of air travel," says Swedavia.

"Today there is very limited access to aviation biofuel, and the price is too high for airlines."

The inaugural fuelling of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) flight SK1419, which departed at 10am for Copenhagen, is also unique in another sense.

For it marked the first time aviation biofuel has been handled through the regular logistics chain for aviation fuel.
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Explains Swedavia: "For all other refuellings using biofuel, for instance in Oslo, special solutions have been used.

"Today’s fuelling at Stockholm Arlanda shows that the aviation biofuel market is well on its way to maturity and that it is possible to buy aviation biofuel in the same way as fossil aviation fuel."

Swedavia's president and CEO, Jonas Abrahamsson, notes: “We want to lead the way and help increase the demand for aviation biofuel.

"We pay the added cost for the more expensive biofuel, which is something that other companies, organisations and individuals also have an opportunity to do today. When demand rises, market players will dare to invest in this alternative to today’s fuel."

The initiative to purchase aviation biofuel is part of Swedavia’s extensive work to combat climate change.

The company’s target is zero emissions of fossil carbon dioxide from its own operations by 2020. Some important measures to achieve this are airport vehicles that run on electricity or biogas, energy efficiency improvements and the transition from fossil fuel heating to 'green' electricity and heating.

The biofuel was produced by Altair and delivered by SkyNRG in partnership with AirBP.


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